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Nudy Patooty Reviews


“Now that I found Nudy Patooty I am so much more willing to reach for the things in my wardrobe that I used to pass over, like silk blouses and fitted button-downs”
- Tara


“For me it’s not really a sweat issue, I wear my Nudy because it keeps my clothes fresh longer.”
- Sarah


“I think Nudy Patooty is a great product for the woman who is on the go and wants to look fresh throughout the day. After all, we all want to look our best so YES this product is for all women!”
- Julie, Tweenhood


“My first that I bought was very nice - although the torso was very short. I still liked it enough to buy a second one later, and found that they had updated the style to be longer - so happy with the fit now!”


“I used to wear a tank because I like having a layer under my clothes and I’m worried about a button popping open (boobage!), but otherwise tanks don’t really do anything. I was shocked at how hard it is to find a women's undershirt. Then I found Nudy Patooty and now wear one every day. They are so darling, cute and comfortable.”


“I used to avoid wearing silk clothing and white cotton blouses because I hated constantly dry cleaning them or if I could wash them in the washing machine they would look discolored over time or worn out. To try and fix these issues I started to wear workout tops under my clothing. This did fix the need for dry cleaning and there was no staining on my tops but the workout tops never really looked that great. I found Nudy Patooty undershirts and I couldn't believe that all my problems were solved! The top fit amazing, it was seamless and it didn't show underneath my tops!  This fabulous undergarment really works and I can't imagine my life with it!” 
- Rebecca, Winnipeg Style

“I’m so thankful that you created this product, it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier.” 
- Jill


“I can really see this being an amazing solution for the working woman who is busy running around and doesn’t really want to fuss or worry about twice-monthly trips to the dry-cleaner.”
- Kylie, kyjo Style


“I have finally found THE perfect t-shirt. Not only is it “sweat proof”, it is so flattering, so breathable and incredibly well made. I am so happy that I discovered Nudy Patooty”
- Ashley, Two Peas in a Prada


“The product was comfortable and fit well. Unfortunately, the product doesn't completely replace my old undershirts/tank tops because of the sleeves, it cannot be worn under all of my tops for work (e.g. cap sleeves, sleeveless blouses, etc).”
- Linda


“Hands-down, one of the best innovations I have seen in women’s clothing in a long time”
- Jeanine


“White is too shear to wear alone, might be nice under clothes this winter. Was looking for a nice white tee, not too shear. This one showed every lump/bump.”
- Susan


“Definitely! Originally I ordered the t-shirt one size too small but Michelle was able to send me the next size up and it fits perfectly. Love the crop. Can't wait to use both the crop and tee in the colder months under my sweaters. I've been using them so far throughout the summer under longer tee shirt sleeved shirts and blouses.”
- Shelby


“I am so obsessed with them that I gave one to my sister-in-law and she has become a fan as well. She was psyched that it kept her warmer in her office. I wear them year-round because they also keep me feeling cooler and fresher in the summer.”
- Joanne